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The Middle East’s home-grown fast-casual restaurant brand formerly known as Just falafel, reinforces its philosophy in bringing the world’s oldest recorded street food in a modern day dining experience with a new brand and concept – JF Street Food. And with that in place the launch of the new menu quickly followed.

When entering JF street food – which is located in marina – the first place you pass is a funky crayon art wall on which the customers can engage by leaving a quirky message. We obviously had to make our mark and with that you immediately feel that this is a fun place! Decorated with colourful chairs and a broken brick wallpaper, this place might feel small but it is big enough to do what it is set up for – deliver tasteful and quick street food with a fun and innovative twist.

The restaurant is surprisingly welcoming. Even though the place is packed with people, everyone managed to find their own little corner to nibble on their quick bites. Don’t be surprised if you are sharing a table with a stranger, it is all part of the street food ambience!

While ordering our food at the counter our server explains us friendly how to compose the perfect JF street food. He tells us with passion about their fresh ingredients and the history of the tasteful menu. Within minutes he hooks us up with our food!

Are you ready for it? I introduce to you THE “Shawurger”! Yes, it is what you think it is, a hybrid between two much-loved, classic snacks – the shawarma and a hamburger – which brings the East and West together to offer something new to the market. The Chicken Shawurger is served in a soft potato bun, a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, onion, French fries and drizzled with a garlic mayo sauce. The Beef Shawurger follows a classic Beef Shawarma recipe that includes a parsley onion mix, pickles, tomatoes and JF’s special Tahina sauce put together in the same potato bun.

The best part of our food was the sweet potato fries, for which I would come back any time! Nice and crisp from the outside and soft and warm from the inside. If I may add an extra A+ it would be the super delicious sauces – with the spicy Chicken tikka sauce ranked on #1!

JF streetfood was started in Dubai by the Just Falafel group which now have over 38 outlets in the region! ( Sounds like a big baller gold mine!)

JF Streetfood
Park Island Towers, Dubai Marina
04 4529966

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