Must try: the shwarma-burger hybrid There's a brief window to try the Shawurger in Dubai Marina

chicken shawurger.jpg

It was only a matter of time. Dubai has come to symbolise the meeting of East and West, the ultimate global crossroads, so it was natural that that someone would eventually blend the two fast-food staples of hamburger and shwarma. So we have the Shawurger, the (slightly inelegantly named) invention of JF Street Food, which will be available for six weeks only at their Dubai Marina branch.

Like all good shwarma, it comes in two versions: the first is chicken, with slivers of meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickels, French fries all drizzled with a garlic mayo sauce and then presented in a soft potato bun. The second is a beef Shawurger, with a sumac-onion mix, pickles, tomatoes and JF’s special Tahina sauce.

Taste-wise, it clearly owes more to the shwarma than the burger, but the hand-size portions means one ought to be enough. If successful, it might well be joining our list of best sandwiches in Dubai.

The Shawurger will be available at JF Street Food, Dubai Marina


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