Food: JF Street Food – falafels, shawurgers and more!

Recently we were invited to the unveiling of JF Street Food’s (previously known as Just Falafel) new venture: the shawurger. The shawurger is a merger between the shawarma and a burger and tastes just like you would expect it to.

We waded through the Dubai Marina traffic and arrived on time :) . There was a sitar player and some really creative walls which were photobooth-esque. They had a table setup with some goodies while we waited; the watermelon juice was refreshing and the falafels were piping hot but we were hooked on the sweet potato fries #addictive. We tried out their falafel sanwiches with Indian sauce (recommended by the chef) they’re huge and fulfilling.

I tried the chicken shawurger which I quite liked, the meat was perfectly grilled and succulent but it tasted much fresher than a shawarma probably ’cause there were more vegetables and a stronger sauce to bind the flavors together. I’ve already been back to try it out and it was exactly the same as pre-launch day. Btw the shawurger is available exclusively at the Dubai Marina branch and only until the 15th of June 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 3.48.22 PM.png

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